Acting Brand New Vol1!

I decided to start a new mix series titled "Acting Brand New" to showcase new/current songs that I'm felling. Enjoy!

ILLegal - Tino Cochino x Juicy J x Dozay x Clayton William

Download the DJ Pack HERE!

Tino Cochino Presents: ILLegal
featuring Juicy J, Dozay & Clayton William 

DJ Pack

Video: "Drive Me Crazy" featuring Doc Hollywood

Here's a visual for "Drive Me Crazy" featured on the #JustBecauseEP available for free download!!!!

"Just Because" The EP

I have an extremely big project coming soon! However, I realized that while we're working on this project, I have some really good music that I'm just sitting on.

With that being said, I decided to drop this free "Just Because" EP for the fans. I hope you all enjoy it and be sure to hit me on my Twitter/IG to let me know your favorites!!!!


Jackpot Promo Run 1: Palm Springs, Oxnard & Bakersfield

In order for a song to be successful, you've gotta hit the road and visit all these different radio stations! I jumped in the car with my buddy P-L-A-Z and did just that! For the 1st Jackpot Promo Run we hit Palm Springs, Oxnard & Bakersfield, CA.

We've still got many more to go so keep up with us via these Jackpot Promo Run Videos!

NEW MUSIC/VIDEO: "Jackpot" featuring Baby Bash, Marty James & Adrian Crush

Ladies and gentlemen! This song has literally been years in the making. I'm so glad to finally have it wrapped up and out in the world! 

"Jackpot" features Baby Bash, Marty James and Adrian Crush. These guys are super talented artists that I'm lucky to call friends. Basically, this song is for everyone that works hard, chases their dreams and wants to be successful. That's why for the video, I thought it would only be right to share my grind and experiences along the way with you. 

The video starts with my very first promo run, visiting different radio stations and performing in different markets and ends with where I'm at today. Yes, I was bald. I swear I thought I looked cool!!!! LOL!

I hope you all love this song! Share the free download with your friends! Post the video on all of your social media outlets! Request it at your favorite radio station! Demand for me to perform at the concerts in your city! Let's spread some feel good, positive music! Enjoy!

NEW MUSIC: "Quitate La Ropa (Take It Off)" featuring DJ Kane!!!

There comes a point where sometimes you just have to do something different. With that being said, I'm proud to present my new single "Quitate La Ropa (Take It Off)" featuring DJ Kane, former lead singer of the Kumbia Kings. 

We all know that a majority of the music coming out at the moment is sounding the same. I personally feel that I've been releasing good records as of late, but it's tough to stand out when it just kind of blends in with everything else. 

Not to mention, with a name like Tino Cochino, a lot of "hip-hop" folk don't want to take my music/records serious. That's why I've decided to take it back to my Texas roots and put my own twist to Cumbias. Blending the hip-hop vibe with party like Cumbias and branding them COCHINO CUMBIA.

Please purchase "Quitate La Ropa" on iTunes and help spread the word!!!


Power 98.3 Studio Session: Juicy J talks injury, Three 6 Mafia and more!

#TinoTuesdays EP2

Here we go! #TinoTuesdays EP2 is here! Be sure to let me know via social media which song is your favorite! I love reading your comments and posts so be sure to tag me in everything! @TinoCochino